New Company is Revitalizing and Preserving Milwaukee’s Tanning Industry


BROOKFIELD, Wis., (May 23, 2016) – A new, high-end leather company, called Corio Outfitters, has launched its 2016 product line of American made, hand-crafted leather creations for professionals, lifestyle, and outdoor enthusiasts.  Through partnerships with The Walsh Company, and The Speakeasy Leather Company, Corio is revitalizing one of America’s oldest industries with the experience of an American heritage company that has been has been perfecting leather for over 100 years.


“People are looking for products that last and are made in the United States,” says Joseph P. Burkwald, a partner and principal at Corio. “We’re committed to taking the old ways of leather-making and incorporating it for the modern working professional.”

Joe Scott, president of Speakeasy says the three companies complement each other’s talents and expertise. “We are all doing our part to rebuild the Milwaukee leather industry, preserve its history, and move it into the next century. Sourcing and manufacturing locally is the  foundation of our success. When small business work together, great things happen." 

Walsh Leather has been the global standard in leather products for the equine industry since 1914. Its president and CEO, Paul Trieber is also a partner at Corio. He believes the company’s ties to Corio are a natural progression for the iconic leather manufacturer known for its craftsmanship.

“We feel the new Corio product lines, created in Brookfield, WI, can out-perform anything else in the marketplace."

Corio’s third partner and principal is Andrew Rose-Rankin, who is leading the campaign to introduce Corio’s quality leather products to consumers here in the U.S. and abroad.

"Most of the competition in this space source manufacturing in other countries. With Milwaukee’s expertise and rich history in tanning leather and leather manufacturing, the products we have created transcend what is currently available in the marketplace."

Corio’s complete line of products is now available at