What is Classic Flight Bag?


I've always had an appreciation for men's style, fashion, and accessories, which made my hunt for the perfect flight bag extremely hard.

In 2007, I began flight school at the University of Dubuque and like most students, I settled for the multi-fiber bag with more pockets than one could possibly need.

These standard flight bags were the norm throughout the flight school. Even the weekend warriors, flight instructors, airline pilots, charter pilots, and business pilots carried them. Everyone else uses one, why would I be different?

It wasn't until an aviation seminar trip to Washington D.C. that I realized just how odd all these pilots in the airport looked carrying this type of bag around. The lawyer has his stylish briefcase. The artist, his trendy portfolio case. Yet the professional pilot was carrying around....a cheap piece of plastic?!

There had be something better!

So began my search for the perfect flight bag. Something made for the 'professional' pilot. Something that could be a statement piece in the pilots wardrobe and carried with pride.

I knew though, I would not find the perfect bag in any flight operations center, online store, or aviation event.  It had to be custom and it had to be handmade. 

It has been a long time coming, but the Classic Flight Bag is the exact accessory I had been looking for. It will meet the high standards of any sartorially conscious aviator looking to set him or herself apart from the herd.

I hope you enjoy all your travels with the Classic Flight Bag.

Best Regards,

Paul Lemley - Founder & CEO



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